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Used in any domestic, commercial or industrial building

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Why Choose Imix Concrete?

  • Same / Next Day Delivery (24/7)
  • High strength graded concrete
  • Only pay for what you use
  • No mess or waste
  • Out of Hours
  • 2 hour delivery windows

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Volumetric Vs Readymix What are the benefits? Click below to find out

Volumetric Vs Readymix

Benefits of Volumetric Concrete

  • Most efficient method of mixing concrete
  • Only pay for the concrete you use
  • Receive the exact amount of concrete you require
  • Mixed to the correct ratio for your requirements
  • Digitally measured and metered concrete
  • No chance of over or under ordering

Benefits of Readymix Concrete

  • Exact amount of concrete for your needs
  • Completely cost effective service
  • Ideal for commercial or domestic projects
  • Fresh concrete poured from our mixing trucks
  • No over or under ordering
  • No part load or waste disposal charges


Used for countless construction applications, concrete blocks are a sturdy, reliable and versatile building material. However, away from regular concrete blocks, with smooth sides, there are iBlocks. These are iMix’s own version of the lego-style concrete blocks that more and more construction companies are adopting, and their increasing popularity is testament to their qualities.

The defining characteristic of these blocks is the nodules on the top, much like you’d find on a typical lego brick. These nodules, combined with the matching indentations on the underside of the blocks mean that they can be interlocked to create strong, secure structures. This sturdiness makes them ideal for a number of applications, from blast walls and retaining walls to material storage bays and even block wall flood defences.

Their versatility also allows them to be manoeuvred and adjusted as required, so any unexpected changes in circumstance needn’t result in costly revamps. From fire break walls as part of Fire Prevention Plans, to counterweights, salt storage and silage clamps, our iBlocks can be used in any domestic, commercial or industrial building.

For more information about iBlocks, please get in touch with us today and we’ll be happy to help.

We only provide quality mixed concrete using prime aggregate and materials

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