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Getting Ready For Your Concrete

So you’ve planned out your project and it’s time for the concrete delivery. Concrete is one of the most important parts of a construction project, and delays or faults with the delivery of your mix can severely hamper progress. In this piece, the team at iMix are going to run through the ways in which you can prepare for your concrete delivery, ensuring minimal hassle for you and the concrete company.

Vehicle sizes

One of the first things to note is that concrete delivery vehicles are bulky things. Mixing trucks and pumping lorries will need ample room to manoeuvre, and it’s important that your property accommodates this where possible.

Concrete Mixer Concrete Vehicle

Concrete vehicles require at least a few metres of clearance either side, and the dimensions of our vehicles are as follows:

Concrete Mixers - 11m long, 3m wide, 3.9m high

Concrete Pumps - 6.7m long, 2m wide, 2.5m high


We need to be able to get to your property in order to provide an efficient delivery service. If there are access issues, they won’t completely derail the job, but it will make things slower and more difficult. Some things to look out for when evaluating the accessibility of your property.

Parked Cars

Concrete Mixer

Of course, no one person can control the amount of cars that are parked on their road, but what you can do is arrange a delivery time when there's likely to be less parked vehicles on your street.


Imix Concrete

If your property has gates, please consider whether or not said gates will hinder our access to the property. We don’t just mean locked gates stopping us from getting in - they can also make the entrance narrower even when they’re open, which can cause problems for the large vehicles.


The dimensions of our trucks mean that some entrances and exits are difficult or impossible for us to use. Usually, these problems relate to height and width.

Overhead Hazards

Imix Concrete

Some common Hazards that can affect concrete deliveries are things you wouldn’t normally consider hazards in your day to day life. We’re talking about things like phone lines and trees - overhead objects that can impede our vehicles upon arrival. Phone lines are usually avoidable as they are quite high up, but if you do think that there could be an issue with cables, trees or anything else, let us know and we can try and make alternative arrangements.

Height Restriction Bars

Imix Concrete

Height restriction bars will only apply to commercial premises with car parks, but nonetheless they will prevent us from getting close to your property. We don’t expect you to remove them - just let us know in advance if your property has height restriction bars and we will find an alternative solution.


Concrete Mixer

Our trucks need plenty of room to manoeuvre when doing our deliveries, and certain roads, such as cul-de-sacs or roads without through routes make it difficult for us to safely enter and exit. If you inform us of the layout of your road beforehand, we can prepare a route that doesn’t risk damaging property or cars on your street.

Order Your Concrete Today

If you’re fully prepared for your concrete delivery, the next step is to order your batch!

Whatever you need, the team at iMix are always happy to help - get in touch with us today with your requirements and we’ll get everything arranged.

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