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A – Z of Concrete Infographic

Here at iMix Concrete we have put together a handy glossary of terms to help you get a better understanding of the products and services we offer. A – Aggregates – The ingredients that make up concrete; water, cement, crushed stone, and sand are all types of aggregate. B – Barrow Mix Concrete – A convenient way of transporting concrete over short distances; transferring the concrete from truck to barrow and then to the required location. C – Concrete Pumping – The act of moving the concrete from the mixing truck to the site location. It’s quick, clean and effective. D…

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Rebar vs Wire Mesh – What Is the Difference

Reinforcing Concrete For building projects involving concrete there are two key ways to undertake reinforcements to create an even more durable result. Whether you are creating walls and other structures, roads, bridges or smaller domestic projects you will have the option of choosing to use either rebar or steel mesh. Both products provide significant reinforcement and have long-lasting benefits, so let’s take a look at how these two methods can make a tough product such as concrete even more robust. Rebar Rebar is perfect for concrete slabs and blocks of one foot or more and can be placed flat or stand…

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High Strength and High Performance Concrete Properties

While they may sound like they go hand-in-hand, high strength and high performance concrete are two separate entities that don’t always correlate with each other. These types of concrete have different properties that make them suitable for different applications and projects, and in this piece, the team at iMix will detail what these properties are and how they might be useful. High strength concrete First, we’ll look at high strength concrete. It can be difficult to truly define ‘high strength’ concrete because the benchmark for what is a ‘high’ or ‘low’ level strength has changed over the years. In the 1950s,…

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High Strength Concrete vs Normal Concrete

Choosing the right concrete for your construction project is a crucial task, and one that can be difficult for those without specialist knowledge of the many variations of the material. High strength concrete is one such variation, but what makes it better than normal concrete? iMix are here to tell you. Durability Concrete in general is a hard-wearing material, but normal concrete can suffer if it is exposed to prolonged heavy usage. High strength concrete boasts a greater resilience than normal concrete, which means it lasts longer in even the most busy environments – warehouses, car parks, etc. Its strength also…

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Why Do We Use High Strength Concrete?

It might seem obvious as to why construction companies use high strength concrete – after all, isn’t all concrete high strength? Actually, there are many different types of concrete available for construction projects, and some are much stronger than others. But what exactly are the benefits of using high strength concrete over its counterparts? In this blog, the iMix team will detail why we use it and what it brings to our work. More for less One of the key benefits of high strength concrete is the fact that it reduces the overall amount of concrete required. This is due to…

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