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Drum/Barrel Mixer vs Volumetric Mixer

There are significant differences between drum/barrel mixers and volumetric mixers. A barrel mixer delivers ready-mix concrete to your build while a volumetric mixer is used when the mix is going to be made on site. Both have their specific advantages depending on your needs and the project at hand. To help you decide which sort of mixer is right for your build, we’ve put together a list of the various benefits of each type of machine.

Volumetric mixers

Only pay for what you use: One of the main advantages of a volumetric mixer is that it’s highly cost-effective. You only pay for the constituents you actually use, unlike a batch of ready-mix where you might find you have a quantity of material left over. Volumetric mixers reduce wastage.

All concrete is freshly mixed on site: instead of being mixed and then transported to the build, a volumetric mixer allows you to mix the concrete at the site. This is advantageous in situations where time might be a factor — for example, in remote or hard-to-access locations.

The concrete specifications can be altered during the pour: In situations where you need to change the composition of the concrete, a volumetric mixer allows this to be done easily. If some unforseen issue arises and the composition of the concrete needs to be amended, it’s simple to introduce additives to the mix.

Multiple mixes available on one delivery: Some builds require more than one kind of concrete. With a volumetric mixer, you’re not restricted to one particular mix as you are with a barrel mixer. You can make concrete to multiple different specifications with a single delivery.

Volumetric mixers are generally larger than drum mixers, allowing you to prepare more concrete at once.

Advantages of a barrel mixer:

Speed: One of the great advantages of a barrel mixer is that it can deliver a large volume of concrete already mixed, instead of requiring that the constituent ingredients be loaded into the mixer and mixed onsite. Barrel mixers provide ready-mixed concrete which can be used straight away, thus speeding up the pour.

Consistency: Because barrel mixers deliver concrete ready-mixed, every load can be prepared with the same ingredients. This allows for a high level of consistency, ensuring that the concrete meets the required specifications.

Space is also a consideration when choosing between a barrel mixer and a volumetric mixer. In situations where space on your site is limited, it may be easier to use a barrel mixer.

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