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High Strength and High Performance Concrete Properties

While they may sound like they go hand-in-hand, high strength and high performance concrete are two separate entities that don’t always correlate with each other. These types of concrete have different properties that make them suitable for different applications and projects, and in this piece, the team at iMix will detail what these properties are and how they might be useful.

High strength concrete

First, we’ll look at high strength concrete. It can be difficult to truly define ‘high strength’ concrete because the benchmark for what is a ‘high’ or ‘low’ level strength has changed over the years. In the 1950s, a cube strength of 35MPa was considered high strength, but in recent times, concrete with a strength of 140MPa have been used in construction.


High strength concrete often makes use of admixtures – additional ingredients – to increase its strength. Fly ash and silica fume are two particular ingredients, added to the original concrete mix, where they then react with the hydration properties in the cement, increasing the strength.

Superplasticiser is also used in combination with a water-reduction agent, which gives the concrete better workability whilst decreasing the ratio of water to cement, leading eventually to stronger concrete.

Saving space

When using high strength concrete for columns, they can be made slimmer than regular concrete because they can hold more weight. This means that less space is used, freeing up valuable space for other applications – this is particularly useful in the lower floors of buildings.

High performance concrete

High performance concrete is a mix that contains one or more properties that normal concrete does not have.

Low permeability

With low permeability concrete, aggressive chemicals are kept at bay, which means their impact on the concrete is lessened. This is particularly effective for concrete exposed to seawater and concrete that uses steel reinforcements, as the low permeability protects against corrosion.

Low shrinkage

When concrete loses the water within it, it can contract. This can lead to problems like cracking and warping, which affects the look and performance of the surface. With high performance concrete, this is less likely to happen, so you can be sure of your concrete’s strength.

There are many benefits of using high strength and high performance concrete, whether that’s the longevity of the concrete to the amount required, to the outright strength of the material. If you’re in the market for high strength or high performance concrete in Romford, Ilford, Essex and the wider London area, get in touch with iMix today on 0800 030 9015 or fill in our handy contact form.

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