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The Pros and Cons of Concrete Flooring

Used around the world in commercial, industrial and domestic properties, concrete floors enjoy huge popularity, but what exactly are the benefits to having this surface? And what, if any, drawbacks are there to opting for concrete flooring? In this piece, the iMix team will look into the pros and cons of concrete flooring to help you make a decision.

Concrete Pros


One of the key benefits of a concrete floor is its durability. It will last for years on end thanks to its ability to withstand heavy loads – that’s why concrete is used for things like driveways, too. The durability doesn’t mean it’s only suitable for industrial and commercial use, either – it’s resistant to damage from things like pets and furniture, so it’s a great option for homes.

Low maintenance

Such is the toughness of concrete, there’s no need for complicated cleaning routines or hours of scrubbing to keep it looking good. All you need to do is seal and wax the concrete to keep the surface protected – do this every three to nine months and you’ll get the best out of your concrete floor. If you do wish to clean the floor, all you need is a mop and some mild detergent.


Contrary to popular belief, concrete isn’t exclusively grey and boring. There’s a whole host of patterns and designs available for concrete floors – ideal for those looking to use it in their homes or in premises where aesthetics are key. The natural look of concrete can work brilliantly, too, as faux-industrial decor is a popular trend for the modern home.


Concrete can be used in conjunction with other flooring materials for a specific finish, or it can be used on its own. You can even add a different finish to the concrete later down the line, too – if you change your mind about your concrete floor after a few years, you can transform it to match your tastes.

Concrete Cons

Risks to children and the elderly

Although the toughness of concrete is undoubtedly a huge benefit in a number of ways, this toughness also makes concrete flooring very unforgiving for those who fall on it. This is particularly dangerous for children and the elderly, for whom balance may be an issue. Be sure to advise them to take extra care when walking across a concrete floor.

Consequences of poor sealing

We mentioned the need to seal the floor as a means of protection for the surface. If this is done well, then you have nothing to worry about, but if it’s done poorly, it allows for moisture to get in, which can lead to mould. This is not only detrimental to the condition of the concrete, but it can present a health risk to your family, too.

While there are a couple of drawbacks to concrete flooring, they are easily outweighed by the benefits. A durable, versatile and attractive surface, concrete is ideal for domestic, commercial and industrial premises alike. Whether on its own or used as a sub-floor underneath a different finish, it’ll serve you well.

iMix are experts in domestic and commercial concrete services across London and surrounding areas. From small-scale jobs to large projects, we offer care, professionalism and long-lasting solutions through our tried and tested practices and high quality materials. For more information, please contact us today on 0800 030 9015 or fill in our handy contact form.

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