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Why Do We Use High Strength Concrete?

It might seem obvious as to why construction companies use high strength concrete – after all, isn’t all concrete high strength? Actually, there are many different types of concrete available for construction projects, and some are much stronger than others. But what exactly are the benefits of using high strength concrete over its counterparts? In this blog, the iMix team will detail why we use it and what it brings to our work.

More for less

One of the key benefits of high strength concrete is the fact that it reduces the overall amount of concrete required. This is due to the fact that high strength concrete reduces the overall column size, which in turn means that a lower amount of concrete, framework and reinforcement is required. In reducing the amount of materials required, costs are also reduced, which, in turn, makes high strength concrete one of the most economical methods of vertical load-bearing.

Increasing space

The aforementioned ‘more for less’ benefit of high-strength concrete also delivers a secondary benefit – more available space. As high-strength concrete reduces the size of columns, there is more space for the rest of the construction, which loosens the parameters of a building project.

For superstructures

There are some construction projects where normal or even ‘stronger’ concrete won’t suffice. For superstructures such as long bridges, high strength concrete is needed in order to increase the load bearing ability of the bridge and to improve the durability of the structure.

Improved sustainability

High-strength concrete is also known for its enhanced sustainability, which is a key benefit in the construction industry where the need for sustainable, eco-friendly processes is ever-present. High-strength concrete can accommodate for the inclusion of re-purposed byproducts from other industries, such as fly ash and silica fume.

There are several benefits to the usage of high-strength concrete, and as our industry develops and innovates, the number of benefits will only increase. In fact, Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC) is in use in the industry, and with that comes the potential for even greater use of the “more for less” benefit – even slimmer slabs and longer, thinner columns, reducing the cost of materials even further.

iMix are proud to provide the highest quality concrete services for domestic and commercial customers alike. For more information about our work, please contact us today on  0800 030 9015 or fill in our handy contact form and we’ll be more than happy to help.

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